Go Go Gadgets

In the silver corner we have the big, bad and ever so connected, locked device: Apple, created by Steve Jobs, coming in with an average of 15 billion downloads annually and a net worth of $1.7 trillion US dollars. And in the green corner we have the under dog, growing in popularity, generative platform: Android created by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. Entering with an increase of 300 million users every year worldwide and launched in the UK in 2008. So, who would win?

images-1 images-2


My guess would definitely be Apple! Being so user friendly, easily connected to other devices such as i-pods, mac laptops and i-pads, all of which I own clearly showing my faith in Apple products.  I love Apple products because I’ve had them for most of my life (I got my first i-pod when I was 12 for getting full marks in an English exam, it was one of the best days of my life). Also love that all my devices are compatible and can sync with each other automatically. For example; I can add a song from my laptop and it will automatically be on my phone, it makes my life so much easier. Though now realise not everyone is so enthusiastic about Apple products; My Mum has never owned an apple product, she has uses a PC computer at home, she is not a member of any social media sites such as Facebook and twitter and she recently got my dads old Samsung galaxy S1 phone though before she only used her faithful Nokia phone. She detests apple products, she sees them as unnecessarily complex and describes Apple as a “money-grabbing” company. She says she prefers the larger screens of an android phone and says that typing is easier. Though I have tried with no avail to bring my mum into the world of Apple she still refuses to as she says “buy into it”. Maybe one day she’ll see the error of her ways?

For further reading on Android and Apple companies, here are some great sites:    Enjoy!

– http://inspiredm.com/android-facts/

– http://blogs.marketwatch.com/cody/2012/08/14/billions-of-android-users/

– http://www.macworld.com/article/2028780/slideshow-11-fun-facts-about-apple.html


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